Buyers Appetite for Luxury Branded Condominiums Drives Miami Market To Greater Levels

Developers receive instant credibility and name recognition by stamping an iconic brand on a building”

— Maria Kuzina, Broker for Miami Luxury Real Estate LLC

MIAMI, FL, USA, November 16, 2021 – Brand Concept: Globally we are seeing a very strong interest in the brand concept, given the Rapid Growth in global wealth witnessed since 2000. The global ultra-wealthy population ($50MLN in net assets) grew by 18% in the past 5 years and is forecasted to increase a further 40% over the next 5.

Brands such as Armani, Porsche, Aston Martin, Bvlgari, Missoni, Baccarat, and others have lent their names to development in recent years.

“Developments with a brand name attached also come with added value, like attentive service, extensive amenities, and sense of security in the investment, said Daniel Pansky of Miami Luxury Real Estate LLC.

This segment of the luxury real estate market has grown substantially over the past 20 years and is now booming. Along with a sense of security comes a substantial price premium. Owners of branded condos appreciate a much higher resale value as an investment in the marketplace than non-branded condos.

Along with premium, a brand name also promises high-quality services, limited
supply and largest potential buyer pool because of global recognition.

“Developers receive instant credibility and name recognition by stamping an iconic
brand on a building”, says Maria Kuzina, broker for Miami Luxury Real Estate LLC.

Miami has the following branded condos – Armani Casa Residences, Porsche Tower Residences, Aston Martin residences, Missoni Baia ResidencesBaccarat Residences, Fendi Chateau Residences, Bentley Residences, St Regis Residences, Four Seasons Residences, Ritz Carlton Residences, Waldorf Astoria Residences, B&B Italia, Diesel, with many more coming soon.

Global Markets

North America has 32% of the world’s brand name residences, more than 25% of the projects are being developed now in the Asia Pacific Regions followed by the Middle East and North Africa.

The cities we would like to concentrate on would be Miami, New York, Dubai, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico City.

The largest dominance in the market is with Hotel Brands accounting for 84% of completed projects. However, over 12 new non-hotel brands will enter the market before 2025.

ADVANTAGES of Branded Residences
• Affluence
• Opulence
• Ability to stand out with a luxury product, separating the Branded Residences from other competitors in the market.

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